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Sandalphon Entertainment The Truthsayers

The Truthsayers

An uplifting and triumphant true story about how three damaged men: a wounded, guilt-ridden attorney, a reckless victim and a shrewd redneck, team up to take down a rich and powerful prep school that has been ruthlessly covering up decades of abuse. By forging a groundbreaking court case, these unlikely heroes start a healing process for an entire community and change the South Carolina statute of limitations to allow adult survivors of sexual abuse to sue their perpetrators.

Sandalphon Entertainmen Dante's Obsession

Dante's Obsession

When a guilt-ridden American Lietenant and a beautiful yet deadly Vietgong guerilla fall in love outside of a war zone, they must choose love or duty as they face off in the deadly maze of tunnels surrounding Saigon at the height of the Vietnam War.

* Director Simon Crane and 2nd unit director Tom Strutters attached.

* Winner of Military Veterans Screenwriting Competition, judged by Oscar-nominated Jason Hall: "Dante's Obsession is crisp, fast-paced and highly enjoyable. The tunnel scenes are edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, and the duel perspective gives a unique perspective to the war. An impressive piece of writing that keeps you turning the pages."

Sandalphon Entertainment Denim & Silk


Having survived a childhood rifed with abuse and mental illness, impulsive artist Christine Rosamond kidnaps her baby sitter looking to create a peaceful life for them both. However, as she rockets to fame, becoming the world's most published painter, Christine discovers she's unablet to leave the madness behind.

Sandalphon Entertainment Angelo


A Greek immigrant, life insurance salesman helping African Americans buy life insurances in 1960s Chicago, finds his livelihood and his family in jeopardy as he uncovers a conspiracy involving discrimination and fraud.

Sandalphon Entertainment I, John

I, John

When renowned surgeon, Dr. Tom Braverman, loses hope after a terrible, personal tragedy, his faith is renewed by a mysterious drifter whose life Tom saves in the E.R. Within hours of the surgery, miraculous events begin to unfold at the hospital, forcing Tom to consider may be one of the Twelve Apostles.

* Director Aaron Norris attached.

Sandalphon Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance

Three kids, well passed the prime adoption age, get their last chance at having a family and leaving the tyrannical orphange director, when they're adopted by two clueless androids. In this wild comedy, a new family also comes with a murder plot, a kidnapping and a court case not to be forgotten.


Sandalphon Entertainment The Delusion

The Delusion
(based on the first of a series of
young adult, supernatural novels)

When a high school is afflicted with a rash of suicides, a cynical young man realizes he is the only one who can see the demons forcing these teenagers to take their lives and it's up to him to harness the power of the angels to save the ones he loves most.

Sandalphon Entertainment Champion


Growing up in a home riddled with abuse and addiction, Victoria Preston overcomes the odds to become one of the top female MMA fighters in the world until the rigors of an overbearing coach, extreme weight cutting, and personal tragedy lead to a near death experience that ultimately brings her from rock bottom to her saving grace: her faith.

Sandalphon Entertainment Street Angel

Street Angel

When a fragile teenage virgin is mysteriously impregnated, she discovers she is the linchpin of her stepfather's satanic plan, and must accept the power she's been given if she's going to defeat the devil and save her child.

Sandalphon Entertainment While We're Here

While We're Here

After surviving the death of her father, a responsible, obedient teenage girl is eager to follow her father's conservative rules and make him proud until she meets a wounded young man who wants her heart and her innocence. Sarah must decide whether to stay the course her father set out for her or create her own path.

Sandalphon Entertainment Stealing Home

Stealing Home

When her husband accepts his dream job managing the Los Angeles Stars, everything changes for baseball wife Dani Sanderling. Thrust into the big league limelight, she fights to keep her family together while uniting a group of diverse wives who struggle to make sense of their longings, their husband's passions, and the need for sanity in the frenzied world of professional sports.

Sandalphon Entertainmnet Shadow Company

Shadow Company

A haunted, burned-out shrink and his pregnant, rebellious cohert, run a PTSD Recovery Center for traumized Veterans. As they sacrifice their personal lives to help their patients, and face government injustices, they find that laughter is the only way to survive.

Sandalphon Entertainment Buck Esq

Buck, Esq.

When an irreverent redneck attorney has a breakdown and closes his South Caroline practice, his money-grubbing ex-wife gets a court order and forces this renegade back into businesses.


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